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Hey people around the world (:
my LiveJournal username is christinaa88 but most of you know me as "Christina McQueen"
If you want to know anything about me check the user info or send me a message :D
I always like making new friends. please...
if you add me
just take a few minutes to answer some questions about yourself
I'm only adding if you did this questionaire ;)

you can find all my gaphics @ zauberkuenstler
and hopefully I'll be posting a lot more graphics at Tumblr

What is this journal about?
This is a journal which is mostly used to post arts. Sometimes I do a few random posts but only sometimes....
I always do my entries in english so that everyone knows what's going on BUT if you speak some other language..go ahead and comment in your language. I can understand english, german, spanish, hungarian, dutch & italian ... BUT mostly I will answer in english ^^ Understanding is easier that writing you know ^^
Found you brushes/textures/...?
I started collecting brushes years ago and I often forget to remeber the names of the artist.
I know brushes & textures are just as much work as icons or Wallpapers so PLEASE tell me if you find your brushes/textures or whatever here.
But take a look at the Credits HERE first
Interested in doing an icon battle?
I am always excited to do icon battles. You can tell the rules or just go by mine

Thank you
for visiting my Journal

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Challenge #14: Bonus Challenge [Resource Roundup]

theiconthrone's 14th challenge:
Resource Roundup
I loooove my textures so much.
Unfortunately though I always just saved them and added the credits to my credits post
now if I go back and want to credit a specific texture I mostly don't know who made it.
so I won't give you the textures that you see in the example icons (the example icons are all mine)
still I tried to give you a wide range of textures :)

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sad stiles

...character meme...

I am doing the 10 Favourite Characters from 10 Different Fandoms meme I saw on chono88's journal (:

It's gonna be hard because mostly I have 2-3 favourites but in some fandoms I can try..

1. Teen Wolf ➼ Stiles Stilinski
2. The 100 ➼ Octavia Blake
3. Criminal Minds ➼ Dr. Spencer Reid
4. Lord of the Rings ➼ Samwise Gamgee
5. Star Wars ➼ Obi Wan Kenobi
6. Neverending Story ➼ Atreyu
7. The Thin Veil (book) ➼ Eden
8. The 5th wave (book) ➼ Ben Parrish
9. Tekken (game) ➼ Asuka Kazama
10. Final Fantasy (game) ➼ Rikku

In most of these fandoms there is a suuuuuper close 2nd :P but you made me choose ^^

meme time...

so I got tagged by chono88 to do this meme and I am going to do it because I said I was gonna revive my lj :D
once you get this, share 5 random facts about yourself. then, pass this on to 10 of your friends
okay I'll spare you the tagging because I don't even know who is active anymore ^^
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harry potter

Graphics for Land of Art

hey my lovely art fans :)
I am here to post some graphics I made for landofart's Team Renaissance
there are so many different types of graphics I made, so many different fandoms I used
I hope you like them ;)

see for yourself



hey my lovely graphic artists!
My name is Christina and let me tell you,
if you are part of landofart
you will have so much more fun doing graphics!

it's the perfect place to be part of a team.
the perfect place to use whatever pictures you like to make art
just .. the perfect place for any graphic artist

so be nice and join NOW!!!
and pretty please tell them christinaa88 sent you :)