Christina (christinaa88) wrote,

...character meme...

I am doing the 10 Favourite Characters from 10 Different Fandoms meme I saw on chono88's journal (:

It's gonna be hard because mostly I have 2-3 favourites but in some fandoms I can try..

1. Teen Wolf ➼ Stiles Stilinski
2. The 100 ➼ Octavia Blake
3. Criminal Minds ➼ Dr. Spencer Reid
4. Lord of the Rings ➼ Samwise Gamgee
5. Star Wars ➼ Obi Wan Kenobi
6. Neverending Story ➼ Atreyu
7. The Thin Veil (book) ➼ Eden
8. The 5th wave (book) ➼ Ben Parrish
9. Tekken (game) ➼ Asuka Kazama
10. Final Fantasy (game) ➼ Rikku

In most of these fandoms there is a suuuuuper close 2nd :P but you made me choose ^^
Tags: meme, personal
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