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01 January 2020 @ 12:18 pm
Welcome: this is my LiveJournal  
Hey people around the world (:
my LiveJournal username is christinaa88 but most of you know me as "Christina McQueen"
If you want to know anything about me check the user info or send me a message :D
I always like making new friends. please...
if you add me
just take a few minutes to answer some questions about yourself
I'm only adding if you did this questionaire ;)

you can find all my gaphics @ zauberkuenstler
and hopefully I'll be posting a lot more graphics at Tumblr

What is this journal about?
This is a journal which is mostly used to post arts. Sometimes I do a few random posts but only sometimes....
I always do my entries in english so that everyone knows what's going on BUT if you speak some other language..go ahead and comment in your language. I can understand english, german, spanish, hungarian, dutch & italian ... BUT mostly I will answer in english ^^ Understanding is easier that writing you know ^^
Found you brushes/textures/...?
I started collecting brushes years ago and I often forget to remeber the names of the artist.
I know brushes & textures are just as much work as icons or Wallpapers so PLEASE tell me if you find your brushes/textures or whatever here.
But take a look at the Credits HERE first
Interested in doing an icon battle?
I am always excited to do icon battles. You can tell the rules or just go by mine

Thank you
for visiting my Journal

i am: thankfulthankful
Ni chan: thank youchono88 on January 26th, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Oh honey, you rock my world! *__* Thanks so much for the lovely words *__* You inspire me as well ;) (Btw... I didn't notice I did.. O_O xD) Of course I love your arts. It's sometimes really hard not to. But I try to give some reasonable comments from one time to the other... xD Because you know how I think about sugary words xD

PS: hast du den eintrag eigentlich aus der Reihe datiert? ist wichtig damit andere die nächsten einträge aufgelistet sehen. ich hab sie nämlich aus der reihe datiert und deswegen sieht man sie auch nirgens auf den friends-pages T___T