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christinaa88's icons > credit is a MUST

7 September 1988
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my freaky me ✪
christina mcqueen.27 years old.born austrian.taekwon-do trainer.way too many hobbies.very sarcastic.like making new friends.forever alone :P

fandom ✪
I have way to many fandoms!
from Lord of the Rings, Merlin and Teen Wolf to Star Wars and Doctor Who. As well as the 100, Game of Thrones, the X-Men and many many more
but if you'd really like to know GO HERE

what else I love ✪
taekwon-do.obsessed with movies and tv-shows.love reading.love art-making.love photgraphy.love my firends and family.love our beautiful world.love my hometowm/country.love languages.love music.love playstation&xbox.love motocross.love lasertag.love paintball.love skating.love green.love to try new sports.thankful for improving suggestions about my arts.